A New Fellowship Garden for Mt. Hamilton Grange, in the near future:

Mt. Hamilton Grange members are considering various garden projects to improve the triangular plot of land behind our grange hall, hoping to make it a green farming demonstration area. 

Ideas have included a California native plant (low water) garden, including a gazebo for outdoor events, and an organic flower and vegetable garden to provide produce to local food banks. Both designs would include expanded outdoor seating areas for BBQ's and other events. 

USDA - FSA Produce
A design which encompasses some or of all of the above, would benefit our grange with additional outside gathering areas to relax and enjoy food and fellowship. We hope the new garden area will also be an educational model for growing organic produce, use of low-water irrigation systems and native plant habitats.

Currently we need help in preparing the land for planting, plus some workable design ideas. If you have an interest in agriculture, landscape design, drip sprinkler systems and low water gardening, or can help us work to fund this project, please contact our grange and consider joining our Agriculture Committee, as we explore usage plans at our Evergreen location.