To contact a Mt. Hamilton Grange officer or committee, please use the phone number above or send an email to: mthamiltongrange (remove the space before sending.)

2019 Mt. Hamilton Grange Officers:

  • Master : Robert N Fernandez
  • Overseer : Jimmy Ancheta
  • Lecturer: Ed Damasco
  • Steward: Belinda De Mayo
  • Assistant Steward: Erlinda Milanes
  • Lady Assistant Steward: Letty Lucas
  • Chaplain: Gus Olmedo
  • Musician: Dan Andres
  • Treasurer: Gloria Cortes
  • Secretary: Jean Damasco
  • Gatekeeper: Larry Brillante
  • Ceres: Monica Brillante
  • Flora: Linda Sardi
  • Pomona: Marisa L Fernandez
Executive Committee:
  • Ben Sabangan (One Year)
  • Ed Damasco (Two Years)
  • Vic Evaristo (Three Years)
  • Agriculture and Conservation
  • Building and Grounds
  • Community Service
  • County/City Government
  • Deaf Activities
  • Electrical and Sound System
  • Entertainment and Dance
  • Grange Hall Rental
  • Legislative: Chair
  • Membership: Chair
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Scholarship: Chair
  • Sports and Youth Activities
  • Sunshine and Relief

Recurring Meetings: 
  • Mt. Hamilton Grange meets every third Thursday at 7:30 p.m.  
  • Mt. Hamilton Grange Committees meet by prior arrangement.
  • Mt. Hamilton Grange Day and Community Night events take place every April.
  • Santa Clara County Pomona meets every July, location TBA.
  • An Open Mt. Hamilton Grange Meeting takes place every September.
  • The Grange Holiday Potluck and Dance, and Grange New Year's Eve Fundraiser Event, take place every December.