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Mt Hamilton Grange #469
2840 Aborn Road
San Jose, CA 95135
(408) 365-4773

Please use our Post Office Box;

Mt Hamilton Grange # 469
P O Box 730934
San Jose CA 95173 

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All information on this site has been approved by the Grange Master and Executive Committee of Mt. Hamilton Grange #469.

Mt. Hamilton Grange #469 - Google News Email Group Subscription:
To join our free Mt. Hamilton Grange #469 Google News Email Group, please send a request with your name and preferred email address, to mthamiltongrange (please remove the added space before sending.) We use this news group only to share information about Mt. Hamilton Grange #469 programs, classes, and events held at our grange hall, and other national and local grange news. No third-party advertising is allowed and the groups is moderated by Grange officers.

Mt. Hamilton Grange #469 is a 501(c)(8) Fraternal Beneficial Society and abides by all IRS Guidelines for operation. We may collect tax-deductible donations for charitable contributions to registered domestic and International charitable organizations. Donation of funds or goods to the Grange for Grange use, may not be tax-deductible and may be taxed as grange income. Please consult the IRS or a tax adviser for complete guidelines, interpretation and instructions.

Directions to Mt. Hamilton Grange #469:
From Highway 280/101 or Highway 85/101: take the Capitol Expressway exit heading East, and proceed to Aborn Road. Turn East on Aborn Road and cross the intersection of Aborn and San Felipe Roads. The Grange Hall is located on the Southeast corner of Aborn and San Felipe surrounded by a chain link fence, with the driveway and parking area entrance along Aborn Road.

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Mt. Hamilton Grange #469 Parking, Property and Conduct Rules:
Grange parking is limited and we are near a busy intersection. Please be aware and use caution when parking and walking in the area. Lock your vehicles and leave valuables at home before visiting. 

Mt. Hamilton Grange #469 is not responsible for loss of personal possessions or damage to vehicles on grange property, for injury to pedestrians in transit to grange events, or for the unlawful conduct or actions of those on our near our propertyVisitors and members are expected to comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations, and to be courteous to others, during their visit.

The main entrance to the grange property must be kept clear at all times to allow access by law enforcement and emergency vehicles, and other Mt. Hamilton Grange members. Double-parking or blocking building entrances is not allowed. Any suspicious activity or threat to grange property, members or guests, must be immediately reported to the grange, at the above phone number, and to local law enforcement and safety agencies.

Per Grange Bylaws, weapons, drugs, alcohol and illegal substances are not allowed on grange property. Violators will be prosecuted and may lose grange privileges.

Image Capture Rules, Megan's Law and Child Safety:
The Grange supports child safety and as such, requires that image capture of children on grange property occur only with prior custodial parent or legal guardian permission, using a Mt. Hamilton Grange Release form. Images of minor children on grange property, or sharing, reproducing, and/or posting such images online, in print, or in any other form, is not permitted. Anyone taking unauthorized photos of minors, or lingering around minors, will be reported to the authorities. 

The California Department of Justice Megan's Law Web site provides information about child safety in specific areas of California by county, zip code and street address. The DOJ Web site also offers recommended child safety practices for parents and guardians of young children and teens. Mt. Hamilton Grange makes child safety a priority by informing parents about these online tools and resources, by attempting to prevent the capture of images of minors without prior custodial parent/guardian consent, and by requiring child-safe conduct at the grange when minors are present. 

Likewise, image capture of anyone on grange property, excluding grange security cameras and devices, is not permitted without prior permission from both the grange and the person(s) being captured in such imagery. Images may not be shared or reproduced in any form, and/or posted online, without prior permission by the person(s) shown in the image(s), using a Mt. Hamilton Grange Release Form. 

Please contact the grange for a copy of the release form.

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